~A lilŽ about me~

My name is Yvonne and I was born in 1979 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. I like Stockholm even though I would love to move to a not to big, cosy house somewhere outside Stockholm to get away from the "hectic capital pulse". I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment with my fiance, my son born 2000, and our lilŽ girl who was born in january 2006!

I come from an artistic family and have been drawing outside the computer forever, I draw a lot of charcoal portraits and have been doing that since 1993. Or actually I used to, I dont have to much time to draw on paper anymore, but I still do that when inspiration hits me. Other hobbies I have are scrapbooking, photography and interial design. Honestly, I love most creative stuff, a part of me would definately be missing if I wasnŽt able to be creative! I am also trying to be a health freak, so I am a notorious weight watcher and I try to exercise as much as possible. ThoŽ coffee is not that healthy this with water is one drink I just can not live without!

Even though I didnŽt like school very much, I gave it another chance a few years after my drop out, and managed to make myselfe a webdesigner. I have also attended some desktop publishing classes, so I have some knowledge of printable graphics. Another thing I love is motion pictures, both to make, and to watch. There is not many pictures that makes me laugh as Shrek does!

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